I can’t believe this post has sat in my ‘drafts’ for five years! Finally publishing it now…perhaps it should have stayed a draft? Anyway, you decide


I came across a great poem the other day – The Dash, by Linda Ellis. The poem has a very simple and profound message, and it gave me the inspiration to write this somewhat far more mundane post. I’ll let you read the poem to make up your own mind about what it means to you.

From a social customer care perspective, however, you are faced with constant, split-second choices about what that ‘dash’ means to you, and the way you want to take your choice in that moment.

What am I listening for?

Who should I be listening to?

Do I respond?

How do I respond?

Do I say ‘sorry’ or ‘with regret’? Or not at all?

How do I be open? Empathetic? Transparent? Authentic?

What if a customer doesn’t respond to my Tweet?

If you worry too much about the questions, you’ll never have time to find the answers. Between the Tweet and your response, lies anxiety and concern, tension and friction, what if and could be…

Between picking up a Tweet and responding to it you have choices. In that brief moment, you are in control. You decide.